Find new things to do with Pandora beads

The little glass beads known as Pandora beads are so interesting that you could hardly put them down, when you are down shopping for this and that. And there is no reason really, to let go of them, for they come at such a bargain too. And you can not only make a bauble that is a thing of beauty with these beads – if stuck together with reliable glue or twine and string, but you can also make a keepsake that is a joy forever too, for that’s how strong and authentic these beads are. Being made of glass, metal or enamel, there is no feature of these beads that fades away with time.


Of course there is chance that the glass may crumble, but it is quite sturdy to last for several years even under harsh use. And being rather inexpensive, you can try your hand at each of the ways to use these Pandora beads in making necklaces, bracelets, ear-drops and anklets. Yes, anklets are the rage now, whether worn singly, on one foot or on both feet. Add a few small bells to give them a delicious sounding tinkle and you would love to wear the anklet with any outfit.


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